Landscape Forms

Redefining Customization with Design for Manufacturing

The Challenge

Landscape Forms is an industry leader in high-design outdoor site furniture, lighting, and custom environments. 

Their customs team, known as Studio 431, has historically worked on one-off projects and does not often see high-volume annual contract projects. Last year, a massive order of bespoke benches for a major U.S. city came in, and they needed support for this larger, ongoing order. Which meant that instead of being primarily design focused, they needed to be more heavily focused on large-scale production as well.

Landscape Forms and Impact Fab have had a long-standing partnership. Throughout the years, both companies have seen a significant amount of growth and development, and when this project arose, Landscape Forms knew they could count on Impact Fab.

The Solution

Impact Fab was able to navigate some unknowns in the mass production process on this project.

Our experience and Design for Manufacturing process allows Landscape Forms to stretch their capabilities.

This is where we get involved early on in the product development phase, so we can help identify problems that might be encountered while engineering the project — long before the design is finalized. Doing this at the start of an engagement decreases the likelihood of rework and increases the potential for substantial cost savings.

Thanks to this process, fabricating parts for such a large order and on short notice was no problem. Using our specialized machinery and proven processes allows us to meet tight deadlines and complete projects that manufacturers can’t do themselves in-house.

The Results

Working alongside the Studio 431 team, we successfully fulfilled their order of almost 400 benches, without missing a beat. This ongoing partnership between Landscape Forms and Impact Fab allowed Landscape Forms to meet the demands of their customers’ orders and convert it into an ongoing partnership.

We have worked with Landscape Forms on many projects and often receive many requests for quotes, including 77 from Studio 431 last year. We look forward to working on more projects like this one.

What Landscape Forms had to say about Impact Fab:

“Impact Fab is constantly changing my perception of what’s possible, and I’m consistently reminding myself that when a difficult project comes through, we can lean on them to help us get the job done.”

Erin Prichard
Supply Chain Group Leader