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Aluminum Fabrication: Everything You Need to Know to Kick-start Your Project

Apr 15, 2024 | custom fabrication

In the world of manufacturing, the term “aluminum fabrication” often takes center stage in designs. With so many applications and impressive strength-weight qualities, aluminum is one of the most frequently used materials in our industry.

But, to get a versatile, high-quality part, you need to ensure aluminum is the right material for the job. Let’s dive into the world of custom aluminum fabrication and whether it might be the ideal metal for your project. 

What is Aluminum Fabrication?

In the simplest terms, aluminum fabrication is the process of shaping aluminum into a finished design or product. From intricate aerospace parts to everyday household items — aluminum fabrication can do it all. 

Its extreme versatility and durability have caused aluminum to become increasingly popular in creative design and engineering applications. Today, raw aluminum is mass-sold in every industrialized country in the world. 

 Let’s review a few of the key properties of aluminum fabrication: 

  • Aluminum can be welded and bent to create curves and angles for complex parts. An example is the metal patio furniture you’ve broken out for this warm weather. 
  • Its malleability makes it an ideal metal for stamping and shearing to exact measurements.
  • Aluminum’s high strength-weight ratio makes it a perfect resource for structural and transportation components. 
  • The lightweight and durable qualities of aluminum also make it ideal for the electronics and appliances industry

There are specific techniques that are suited to aluminum fabrication, but it truly depends on the needs of your design. To get specific advice tailored to your project goals, get in contact with our team and have a skilled fabricator answer all your questions. 

Benefits of Fabricating with Aluminum

  1. Easy to form: Aluminum is known for its flexibility compared to other materials. This makes it easier to fabricate into your desired shape. Plus, aluminum is an extremely cost-effective and recyclable material.
  2. Aluminum alloy grades: Each of these alloy grades brings a different set of material properties to the table and allows fabricators to make the most informed decision when choosing their grade of aluminum. 
  3. Highly durable strength-weight ratio: This makes aluminum an essential function of the aerospace industry. Aluminum’s tensile strength remains at its desired toughness regardless of freezing temperatures or harsh heat. This makes it the perfect material for the aerospace industry, as it can withstand extreme conditions for extended periods without losing its core structure. 
  4. Corrosion resistance: A naturally forming oxide layer creates a barrier that protects from rust and corrosion when aluminum is exposed to oxygen. 
  5. Safe and non-toxic: The specific substances in aluminum make it the perfect material for any industry where safety and environmental concerns are of importance, such as children’s items or kitchen utensils.

Bring your idea to life 

Now that you understand the basic properties of custom aluminum fabrication and what it can do — it’s time to ask if this is the right fit for your next project. If any of the features you read above rang true to a fabrication need you’re experiencing — it’s time to get started with an expert in custom aluminum fabrication.